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A Day For Percussion May 16, 2009

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Today, Rob is going to our friend Javier’s house to record some percussion for our song “Time Machine #13”.

We love Javier. He’s an awesome guy and an amazing drummer. He’s got lots of degrees (bachelor & master’s) in drumming, and he has worked as a professional drummer for years and years now. Currently, he is the drummer for The Annie Moses Band, and they travel a whole lot. So it is very nice that he is in town right when we need some percussion parts recorded.

Javier has a house in East Nashville, and Rob just packs up his recording gear and takes it over there. No one disturbs them and they don’t bother anyone else. It’s great!

Javi is an amazingly versatile drummer, and you should check out jazz combo, the JJ Saint James Band.  The singer is another friend of ours, Aynsley McLean.  She recorded one of Rob’s songs on her lovely lullaby album, and you can hear some of it here.   Look for the song Sweet Dreams.

Don’t they sound awesome?  It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented friends. We’ll be writing about more of them soon.

(P.S.  You can hire the JJ Saint James Band for events if you want to impress your guests with awesome music.)


One Response to “A Day For Percussion”

  1. Rob Says:

    Javier did a spectacular job, btw. He has such a musical sense, and more rhythm in his pinkies than I have in my whole body. Next step is the pre-vocal mix, and then we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of vox, Mike Demus.


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