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The Birth Of A Band May 14, 2009

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Hello internets!  

We are The Lovespies, a husband and wife duo from Nashville, Tennessee who try to make pretty music.  Our names are Rob and Julie, and we’ve just mixed the final recording of our very first song.  We are currently working on recording more songs, booking shows, creating a website, joining Twitter and all those other things that smart musicians do in the 21st century.

In this blog, we will try to give you a little window into our world of music.  We hope to talk about the following:   

  • starting a band
  • writing songs
  • arranging and recording those songs, including some techie stuff
  • what inspires us
  • playing live shows
  • selling tons of records
  • getting songs played in movies and television shows
  • making a living on the money you get from playing music
  • touring around the country in a posh tour bus
  • winning Oscars and Grammys
  • retiring to our private island with all our royalties

Ok, so maybe we won’t talk about ALL of those things.  But you never know….   We will go where the music takes us, and we’d love for you to come along and dream with us.  Tell us what you’d like to hear about.  Any questions or suggested topics?

We do think it is fair to warn you of all possible outcomes, though.  We really don’t plan on making shabby music, and we know real people who have had their songs in movies, sold lots of records and have lived on their royalties.  Granted, none of them have retired to a private island, but we were just joking about that part.  

The posh tour bus, though?  We’d like ours in a silvery-purple.


One Response to “The Birth Of A Band”

  1. uncle robbie Says:

    I like your blog & music, and accept your invitation to visit your private island.

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